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Becca Murphy

B.S. Exercise Science

ACE  Certified Health Coach

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Sports and Fitness Nutrition



Originally from Ft Lauderdale, FL, I grew up in a bathing suit as a competitive swimmer. I was a very active teen, putting in four hours of practice six days a week. I lived on pasta and bagels and was confident in myself and how I looked. Not until I got to college and began working on my major did I start to feel self-conscious about my body. I wouldn’t say a had high self-esteem when I was younger, but at least I was comfortable in my own skin. All of the sudden I felt the pressure to fit a certain image of what I believed someone in my field should look like. Working in a gym as a personal trainer right out of college, I was surrounded by muscles and mirrors. Men and women who’s every thought was about how they looked. 

I spent many years struggling with body dysmorphic issues and disordered eating. I have never been a skinny girl, but I have never been fat either. I have always had broad shoulders, thick thighs and a strong body. According to BMI charts I would be considered obese, even when my bodyfat is in a healthy range. I have fluctuated between 140 (during competition time) to 178. I have lived on fish and rice for months and finished off a family size box of White Cheddar Chees Its without even realizing it. Living in a part of the country that keeps me indoors for almost half the year I struggle with the lack of sunshine. Remember I’m a Florida girl. I have struggle with depression since I was a teen and have gone through years of therapy to work through varying issues. I GET IT! I'm not saying I have all the answers but I'd like to help you find yours. 

With 20+years in the fitness industry I often think I should have double majored in Psychology. I have found that many women are constantly giving of their time and energy, but unable to take a moment for themselves. Taking time for yourself is necessary to live a healthy life.  After breaking my back in 2008, I also realized how important it is to be strong. Strength being more important to overall health than image. I believe my purpose is to teach women how to live healthy lives and realize the importance of self-love and self-care. Over the years I have gone from competitive collegiate athlete, to the extremes of competitive bodybuilder to then struggling to find a balance in my own life. I understand the challenges and struggles a woman faces as a mother, a daughter, a wife, a caretaker, a doer of all things. All things but caring for ourselves. We need to put as much effort into caring for ourselves as we do into caring for those we love. Because to properly love others we must first love ourselves.