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Accountability Groups

  • Groups start the first of every month. This is a TEXT group of no more than 12 women. 
  • Morning reminders, encouragement and challenges are sent out every morning. 
  • Pop up classes to meet up
  • Daily conversations to support each others goals.


Health & Accountability Coaching

Goal Setting


Learn how to set Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Sensitive goals



Navigate roadblocks that have derailed your past efforts and help you to push ahead and reach your goals



Help you take responsibility for your health and keep you on track throughout the process

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What clients are saying...

"I have worked out more consistently and with purpose" - SH

"I have watched my sugar intake and been more active..." - TE

"My self-confidence (has improved)...this group has filled my cup."  - SB

"My awareness of what I'm putting in my mouth (has improved) I've also done a couple fitness classes that I would not have tried had it no been  for you." - CS

"I'm having a ton of lightbulb moments" - RH

"It's good to be reminded of the good habits I know, but don't always practice." - HY

I can't stress enough how much Becca Murphy will kick the stress right out of you!!! It's not always about the gym and pumping the iron, it goes much further than that.  Becca will push you to the next level and help you succeed!  She can help you organize your life goals to keep you motivated to go to the gym. She can even hold you accountable about eating healthy and cooking light.  Hence the name, Beyond Personal Training, it's a life style change!  I highly recommend Becca, she will change your life!!! - JA


Appointment location: 1121 Westrac Dr, Fargo unless otherwise discussed