Things I Like,Use & Recommend

resistance Bands


These are small and multi purpose. One of my "go-to" pieces of equipment for glutes.

Bosu balance trainer


Great for training balance, enhancing flexibility and delivering killer cardio workouts.

Medicine Balls


I love lighter weight soft balls for stabilization & heavier ones that will bounce for slams.


Happy Planner Fitness


I love these planners because you can customize them based on your goals. Nutrition, Workouts or Time- Management

power plate meals


I think this a great option if you need meal planning, variety and portion control.

young living orb diffuser


I love to keep this on my night stand next to my bed. I love my oils, but my family is not always on board with my choices. 

foam rollers


One of the best things ever invented. Second best only to getting a massage. It is really great for back, hips and legs

notes to self socks


These are one of my all time favorite gifts to give at my workshops and retreats. They just soak in like osmosis and make you feel amazing, beautiful and strong!

my zone fitness tracker


Wearing this gives me the extra push when I need it and confirmation when I'm in the zone. I also love that the Y has monitors in each of the classes for the competitor in me.




If you are looking for a meal replacement shake, this is the one I feel is the highest quality of nutrients.

Premier Protein Shakes


I use these as a quick source of protein when I don't have time to eat real food. I like them because they don't necessarily need to be refrigerated. 

V8 energy


My son doesn't like carbonation or coffee, which is fine with me. This is how he wakes up and I get some fruits and vegetables in him.

Kind Bars


I always have these in my bag. I like that they are real food. I usually have a Premier Protein shake and a KIND bar when I need to eat quick between clients.

Lara bars


These are another one of my favorite bars. Again because they are real foods minimally processed. The fact that they taste amazing doesn't hurt.

chiobani flip


These are desert for me. I love The Almond Coco Loco! They are perfect late at night when I've already had dinner but it's been few hours and I'm hungry again.

more snacks

jif to go


I will sit down and eat a whole jar of peanut butter if I'm not careful. This is the perfect amount to go with a banana or sliced apple.

breakfast to go


These are my sons favorite morning meal. Quick and easy. I think its better than sugary cereal. 

wholly guacamole


This is another thing that I have a tendency to eat too much of. So, when I run out of guacamole I'm done with the chips.

Balanced breaks


These are so easy to grab on the go or pack in a bag. Everyone in the house likes these.

cocoa almonds


I need to buy these in the 100 calorie pack or I can finish off a full bag without even realizing it.

pre cut produce


Some things are worth it. They may be a little more pricy but they get eaten. I think the Cash Wise on 52nd has the best selection.