Wellness Weekends & Mini Retreats


Relax the Mind

Let your mind wander as you disconnect from the world and reconnect with your self.


Renew the body

Relax, unwind and recharge your body as you find balance and self-awareness.


restore the Soul

Reawaken and realign the deepest part of you - your spirit, your life force, and innermost being.

Here are a few reasons why you may need a retreat, and soon

A wellness retreat allows you to get away from  the stresses, responsibilities and mad rush of daily life and lets the mind quiet down from its daily routine.  It provides a much needed safe space in our busy lives, to finally slow down, relax and be with ourselves. This time away allows for scheduled “me” time where you do not have to feel guilty for doing nothing at all. 

  • Self Care: A retreat can be very restorative, and leave you ready to be your old self again-which may be a great blessing to those around you. 

  • Healing: If you’ve come through a difficult personal experience, a busy time at work, a death or divorce, a retreat may be just what you need to process those difficult feelings. 

  • Spiritual Renewal: Exploring and deepening your relationship to nature and God (or your chosen spiritual source) can bring you some much-needed peace. 

  • Finding Purpose: There may be times in your life when you feel like you’re out of step with your purpose. A retreat gives you the peace and quiet you need to really explore your feelings and get to the core of the changes you need to make.

  •  Female Connections: Even if you regularly spend time with your girlfriends, a retreat offers a unique opportunity to connect with other like-minded women. 

  • Experience Something New: A retreat gives you the excuse to try something different, to step out of your comfort zone and experience yourself in a new way.  A retreat can get even help you out of a rut. 

  • Connect to What You Love: When was the last time you really felt an inner sense of joy? When did you delight to wake up just because you loved being alive? A retreat where you spend time in a beautiful outdoor setting, use your body in new and refreshing ways, and please your senses in ways you usually don’t have time for, can open your heart up to the joy in your life once again.

Retreats  Include...

  • Swag bag and special prizes
  • All meals with printed recipes to take home
  • Gentle yoga and/or  guided meditation
  • Round table discussions about issues all women deal with
  • Creativity time (specific to theme)
  • Specialty Guest (specific to theme)
  • Massage option (scheduled through Elite Therapeutic Massage

*shared rooms (single beds)

**all bedding and basic toiletries included

Girlfriend Getaway - Mini Retreat

Classic cakes & catering


Joyz Jazz Stamped Jewelry


Saturday, June 22  12-4pm 

Held at Elite Therapeutic Massage and Health Partners – Yoga Studio 1121 

Westrac Dr, Suite 202 

  • Enjoy a catered lunch and treats from Classic Cakes & Catering 
  • Jewelry Stamping
  • Create skin care with essential oils
  • Drumming with Deb Moen
  • Core strength, gentle yoga & relaxing meditation with Personal Trainer and Health Coach Becca Murphy

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Skin Care with Essential oils


Personal Girlfriend Getaways & Specialty Retreats Available