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A wellness retreat allows someone you love to get away from the stress and chaos of day-to-day life and decompress as they relax and unwind.

GC can be redeemed for any retreat with space available.

Wellness Retreats


Relax the Mind

Let your mind wander as you disconnect from the world and reconnect with your self.


Renew the body

Relax, unwind and recharge your body as you find balance and self-awareness.


restore the Soul

Reawaken and realign the deepest part of you - your spirit, your life force, and innermost being.

Why a Wellness Retreat?

A wellness retreat allows you to get away from  the stresses, responsibilities and mad rush of daily life and lets the mind quiet down from its daily routine.  It provides a much needed safe space in our busy lives, to finally slow down, relax and be with ourselves.This time away allows for scheduled “me” time where you do not have to feel guilty for doing nothing at all. 

Do you...
Feel overwhelmed and tired all the time?

  • Remember the last time you did something for yourself?
  • Feel stagnant or stuck?
  • Want to be healthier and have more energy?
  • Want to connect with new people that have similar interest?
  • Need to make some serious changes in your life?
  • Reconnect with your purpose?

A retreat will...

  • Leave you feeling relaxed and recharged
  • Help jumpstart your physical and emotional health while gaining momentum towards your goals
  • Reconnect you with your body's needs
  • Prioritize your life so your actions speak self-love
  • Help provide insight and understanding toward your own personal growth
  • Discuss real and honest topics that face women today
  • Make new connections and grow your tribe

Retreats  Include...

  • Swag bag and special prizes
  • All meals with printed recipes to take home
  • Gentle yoga and  guided meditation
  • Round table discussions about issues all women deal with
  • Creativity time (specific to theme)
  • Specialty Guest (specific on theme)
  • Massage option (scheduled through Elite Therapeutic Massage
  • A nonjudgmental environment where you can be your true self

April 12th-14th Creative Writing & Artistic Retreat


Join like-minded creatives for relaxation, creative exploration and community where time and space for your creative journey is given priority. Through daily mindfulness exercises, group workshops, creative wellness activities, and plenty of rest, we will focus on nurturing our creativity through art and writing.

Relax and tap into your creative soul. Unwind in a dedicated space where you can devote time and focus to your creative pursuits. 

Unleash your creativity, ignite your imagination, explore creative writing, unearth story, connect to figurative language, and write! Participate in creative sessions, where you will be encouraged to create with both words and color. Challenge yourself to dig a little deeper by exploring your creative soul. Regardless of your current skill level, everyone is catered for. 

Enjoy luxurious weekend of creative output and self-reflection. Our time will be a mix of writing workshops, painting, group meals, free time, with an extra-long Saturday afternoon silent writing period. Our focus will be ourselves — who are we, with the winter at our heals? What are we craving? What are we ready to let go of? Come to breathe, nap, listen to the birds, sit by the lake, make friends and write your heart out. Challenge yourself to learn regardless of your current skill level, everyone is catered for.


We’ll gather at a Luxury Home on Holbrook Lake in DL — ten participants and two facilitators — and we’ll write and paint. In silence and in laughter, in circles and all alone, we’ll find just the right words and sentences and images to move our stories out into the world. Participants may have projects on the go, or may simply arrive with big open hearts and the desire to create. 

Guest writer Rachel Gillen and guest artist Kerry Conlin will be available to help guide and inspire your creativity. 

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May 3-5th Mother/Daughter weekend

This purposeful weekend is a chance for you to laugh, listen, and talk with your daughter and get away from things that normally distract both of you while adding a sense of balance, connection, and confidence to your relationship. Expect to get some much needed quality time together and spend a special weekend with your daughter that will provide memories for a lifetime.


Mother/Daughter Meal Prep

Mother /Daughter Deck Yoga

Stamped Jewelry

Mother vs  Daughter Games (Indoor & Out)

Mother vs Daughter Cupcake Wars

If you’re like most mothers, your relationship with your daughter is one of the most important things in your life! Our daughters need a connected, loving relationship with us, their mothers, to feel safe in the world and participate in their lives on a level that promotes a healthy environment for them to succeed in.

With considerable amount of input from my own daughter we have planned a weekend to remember.

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